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Our Philosophy

What We Do

At Peninsula Equipment, we think differently than any other company in the recycling industry. We push boundaries and challenge the status quo by providing innovative recycling equipment and support to customers that share our commitment to this cause.

We provide recycling equipment and services by way of employees that are enthusiastic, talented, and dedicated. Through our efforts we afford our customers the independence, uniqueness, and resulting financial returns to chart their own destiny and pursue their own dreams.

Why We Do it

We believe in leaving the USA and Canada far better environmentally than we found it. We applaud the energy savings and resulting reduction of greenhouse gases by using recycled materials. Like the colors on our logo…we are “green believers” to our core and all our equipment and services support this movement!

How We Do it

  • We inspire a positive attitude! We strive to have our employees as engaged and excited over what we are doing as our customers.
  • We are always in pursuit of a better way. 
  • We are givers; we believe that the more we can give our employees, customers, and the community, the more we gain.
  • We are hard-working, dedicated, and grounded. No one will out work us!
  • We know that no short term win is ever worth jeopardizing long term trust.
  • We are respectful and operate with integrity and trustworthiness. Doing the right thing and doing things right is the foundation of who we are.

At Peninsula Equipment, we believe in thinking differently.

Our Philosophy.

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